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Passionate About Inspiring Others

COMPANY NAME:  Adentope, Inc. (DBA: Japan Product Promotion)




LOCATION:  21171 S. Western Ave. Suite 2639, Torrance CA 90501


The origin of the work dates back to 2009. In 2009, Orange Business Network, a group of Japanese and Nikkei businessmen based in Orange County, California, provided mutual assistance, information exchange, and hosting of various study sessions, mainly by Japanese businessmen. Volunteer members from organizations with the purpose gathered to send Japanese food and culture to Americans in November 2009, overcoming the collapse of the bubble and the recession caused by the effects, and The OC Japan Street Fair 2009 was planned and held with the theme of reviving energies, and attracted about 12,000 spectators.

In 2010, the event attracted about 14,000 spectators with the same theme.In 2011, the know-how in event planning and management will be further developed, and the company will cooperate with various events in the Japanese community. For that purpose, I started running as a formal event planning and management company in 2011. Activities in 2011 include a charity concert held on April 1, followed by a sake liquor meeting scheduled for July, OC Japan Fair 2011 in September, and a San Diego Japan Fair in May 2012. SAKE In 2013, we held a liquor festival in Orange County in February and May, and LA JAPAN FAIR in October, and achieved the mobilization of approximately 24,000 people, the largest in Japan.

This year in April, the LA Park of Japanese Dance in April, B-Class Gourmet Fair, LA JAPAN FAIR, September, South Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Orange County Japanese American Association of Japan (OCJAA), Japan-US Hall (JACCC), etc. to host a product exhibition. In this way, not only Japanese mass media in the United States, community newspapers, various Japanese organizations, but also American organizations are involved, and the company is developing its business as a Japanese event planning and management company.

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